Music and fun take centre stage with the Kamloops Community Band

Next week's show Up to Snow Good marks the 17th annual Kamloops Community Band winter concert

Up to Snow Good will feature Christmas music and more! But don’t expect to hear any songs from Frozen. (Submitted)

This year marks the 17th Annual Kamloops Community Band Winter/Christmas Concert, Up to Snow Good. On Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 7:30 p.m., the band will be performing at the Kamloops Full Gospel Tabernacle, with hits from How to Train Your Dragon and Christmastime in Russia.

Since 2001, the Kamloops Community Band has been sharing their love of music with the City of Kamloops. Ryan Noakes, board member and trumpeter of the Kamloops Band, spoke about the concert and gave some history about the band and its events.

“We’re a varied group of music enthusiasts, we’ve got everyone from high school students to TRU students, even some TRU faculty and people who are working a variety of jobs and retired people,” Noakes said.

Noakes added that the Kamloops Community Band usually puts on three to five concerts per year.

Noakes said that they’re able to put on events like this as all members are required to pay dues each year. Ticket revenues also help enable the purchase of new music and the renting out of affordable venues.

The band also ensures that their concert won’t only be Christmas music. Noakes said that there will be “some more traditional wind band repertoire and a lot of fun Christmas carols as well, but no Frozen.”

The trumpeter also talked about the importance of music and concerts and why they have an important role in the community.

“[Concerts] are beneficial to anyone who attends,” Noakes said. “Even attending a concert can have healing properties for both physical and mental well-being. Who comes out of a concert and isn’t in a good mood?”

Noakes said that each year, the community band tries to come up with a witty title for their annual concert. This year’s title, Up to Snow Good, doesn’t have any real connections with the concert, but is just a name to look back upon that isn’t just “a Christmas concert.”

The Kamloops Community Band will sometimes join with other bands throughout the interior to do joint concerts. Noakes said that “one of these years, we hope to put together a bit of a wind band festival.”

Noakes added that there are lots of bands in cities around Kamloops and that he thinks it would be lots of fun to all get together to put on one festival.

Lastly, Noakes said that people should come to the concert mostly because of the variety of music, from traditional Christmas music to lovable tunes from popular movies.

Tickets for Up to Snow Good are available online at or available at the door.