Opinion: parking and why it adds to me not going to class

TRU parking has been a problem for so long now that it has become a meme. Nothing that becomes a meme is ever good, just look at Harambe (RIP Harambe). So the fact that TRU has made the decision to essentially destroy whatever choices we have now with apartment buildings and condos, while no one gives the students any explanation other than “take it or leave it.”

So let’s look at our options as students. We have the lot next to Old Main, the lot next to A&E, the infamous N lot next to New Res, the new lot next to that (though as of writing this, it currently has construction around it), the dinky pay-by-the-hour lots next to HOL and Old Main and the lots next to Old Res, yet half of it is dedicated to TRU staff.

So with a campus that currently takes around 8000 – 10,000 students a year, you’d think that the concept of maybe NOT selling space to a random third-party landscaping company would be the most logical thing. Making some sort of multi-layered lot dedicated ONLY to parking would be the best plan, both for students and TRU if it was made paid parking. Though that is not what students get.

Personally, I’ve had moments where I get up in the morning and have an hour to get to class. Everyone’s been there. Yet it’s utterly disgraceful to think that for most students that don’t want to go further into debt by living in the frat house that is New Residence or the prison cells that are Old Residence, they must make an extra 15 minute plan in their heads as they’re driving to the school on how they are going to handle parking. The class should be the only thing the student is stressed about, not the class and that they’ll probably be 20 minutes late to class because they had nowhere to park and they had to go to Superstore.

As well as no one wants to address the problem with Impark. If they were at least consistent in the way they ticket, then it’d would be a unfortunate situation that was understood. Yet they don’t do their jobs three-quarters of the time, based off of whether its cold or raining or if they just don’t feel like it. There’s no rhyme or reason to how they do it and having that added stress of wondering whether or not you’re towed while in the middle of a lecture isn’t exactly great for a student paying $2000 domestic for a full class load. It gets worse if you’re an international student.

The fact that TRU depends on the money they get from parking yet refuses to actually make spots for parking shows the amount of respect they have for their students. They also don’t give any respect to the people who’ll eventually move into the condos their building. Because what they don’t understand is that most students are just going to steal any spot of parking from the condos and when people don’t move in because of it, then they’ll have burned every bridge they have and will receive no respect from students or their cash as a whole.