Projections and sound create new nightlife downtown

The illuminating bi-yearly event, Luminocity, showcases local and national artists

Luminocity returned this fall for its third biennial event. A week-long video art exhibition, Luminocity showcases various video projects. (Submitted)

Last week, from Oct 12-20, the art exhibition Luminocity took place in Downtown Kamloops, an event that started in 2014 and happens every two years in Kamloops.

“It’s an exhibition that’s outdoors,” said Charo Neville, the curator of the Kamloops Art Gallery.

Neville went on to describe how the display took place in Riverside Park, as well having light installations in store fronts.

Some of the video installations were also accompanied by sounds, as many of them were short films. Neville said that the installation was a way to bring general audiences into video art.

“[Luminocity] really does transform the city,” she said. “It encourages people to walk downtown and learn about where they live.”

Neville also discussed how the exhibition attempts to bring in well-established artists from around Canada, as well as locally-based artists, including recent TRU Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate, Ruba Alshoshan.

Alshoshan’s piece, Unaizah, was also the graduating project for her degree. The HD video resided in Riverside Park for the majority of the exhibition and was filmed in her hometown of Unaizah, Saudi Arabia. The video follows camels in the desert, as they explore the area. The video, along with the space, elicits the emotions, smells and sounds of Saudi Arabia and examines the location’s significance.

Neville said the exhibition is “inspired by events that take place around the world,” specifically ‘Nuit Blanche’ in Toronto. ‘Nuit Blanche’ is an overnight event, where the entire city of Toronto is transformed with contemporary artwork from local, national and international artists. This event is similar, as Luminocity takes place at night, but instead of all-night on one evening, the Kamloops exhibition, takes place over eight evenings, from when it gets dark to approximately 9 p.m.

Luminocity was a free event by the Kamloops Art Gallery. It was also suitable for all ages as there’s really something for everyone at the event.

Most evenings, there were events taking place at Riverside Park, which included bands playing and video screenings on the Rotary Bandshell. There were also nightly tours of the displays, starting at 7 p.m.

The exhibition captivated and encouraged residents of Kamloops to get out and explore their city. The art installation had something to offer everyone. Whether it was to peak the curiosity of a befuddled child, or to inspire the elevated art student, Luminocity attracted the public to something new.

“This is a different way of seeing Kamloops,” Neville said.

The next Luminocity exhibition is expected in 2020.