Slow start for TRU cross country team

WolfPack beaten by UBCO Heat in first competition of the year

(TRU Athletics/GreyStoke Photography)

The WolfPack cross country team lost their first event of the year in competition against the UBCO heat. The event took place on Sept. 29 in Kelowna, B.C.

The competition was a relaxed, early season preparation for the ’Pack who have added a lot of new personnel to the women’s roster.

UBCO won the men’s competition 14-22 and the women’s competition 12-22.

Mike Mitchell (UBCO) won the overall competition with a time of 29 minutes and 28 seconds.

The men’s team placed very close to one another, Kamloops native Calum Carrigan finished fourth with a time of thirty minutes and forty-nine seconds, he was the best performer for the men’s team.

Troy Morgan finished fifth with a time of 30 minutes and 50 seconds, Sam Dick finished sixth with a time of 32 minutes and 14 seconds, Etienne Lavigne finished seventh in a time of 32 minutes and 29 seconds.

Liam Mcgrath finished ninth with a time of 33 minutes and 27 seconds, whilst Jasper Martin finished tenth with a time of 34 minutes.

On the women’s side, Kendra Murray was the best performer with a time of 27 minutes and 2 seconds, she placed fourth overall. Zoe Painter finished fifth in a time of 27 minutes and 33 seconds.

Brooklyn Higgs finished seventh with a time of 29 minutes and 59 seconds, Eric Johnson finished ninth with a time of 30 minutes and 12 seconds.

New assistant head coach, former head coach and firefighter Conlan Sprickerhoff was in attendance and was in a very good mood when he spoke to TRU athletics.

“Today marked the first true test for both the men’s and women’s teams,” Sprickerhoff said, “It was a gorgeous day and we even had a bit of a delayed start to the race from a black bear wandering around on the course.”

Sprickerhoff also had lots of positive things to say about the men’s and women’s sides and gave the impression that the team is still finding its feet and improving.

“On the men’s side, both Calum and Troy worked together throughout the entirety of the race as they were near the front of the pack. They got gapped by the top UBCO men but in the future,  we will be looking for them to continue working together to push the pace and be faster,” he said.

“On the Women’s side, we had four women race with Kendra Murray being our best finisher. Kendra is a strong runner with lots to give and will look to continue to lead the team from the front this season as the year moves forward,” Sprickerhoff added.