Sword fighting, magic and monsters take over AWT

Fantasy and adventure come to TRU through a Dungeons & Dragons-themed show

Miles (played by Brandon Mills) and Agnes Evans (played by Kennedy Aberdeen) duel it out on the main stage of the Actors Workshop Theatre. The show starts on Oct. 3. (Submitted)

Next week, She Kills Monsters, a dramatic comedy about the popular game Dungeons & Dragons, opens in the Actors Workshop Theatre.

The show revolves around the protagonist, Agnes Evans (played by Kennedy Aberdeen), an average woman in the town of Athens, Ohio, who takes up the roleplaying board game to get to know her since-deceased sister, Tilly (played by Megan Polacik). The dramedy takes place half in the fantastical D&D world and half in the real world of Athens.

Kennedy Aberdeen is a fourth-year business student at TRU, who is also pursuing a minor in theatre.

“It’s a show that deals with a lot of life lessons like loss, closure, acceptance and second chances,” said Aberdeen when asked about the play. “Agnes gets a second chance to get to know her sister Tilly and Tilly and her friends are finally accepted for who they are.”

Another cast member, third-year bachelor of arts student Jakob Kopytko (who plays Orcus/Ronnie in the show) shared his thoughts on why people should come and see this new and exciting play.

“It’s a nice way to shed light on real issues that people don’t always have the knowledge about and it’s relatable,” he said.

Brittney Martens (who plays Vera/Evil Gabbi) is a fifth-year theatre major at TRU, says that while the play deals with touchy subjects, the comedic part of it makes it fun.

“It deals with touchy subjects that people are going through every day but it makes it easier to talk about because it’s something that’s fun,” she said. “It also deals with stuff like homosexuality and grief and losing someone, with a sprinkle of comedy in there to make it better.”

Brendan Law, a fourth-year theatre major, plays Chuck Biggs, the Dungeon Master of this adventure. For Law, She Kills Monsters is quite different from the Theatre’s normal shows, but most certainly has something everyone can enjoy.

“It’s gonna be something completely different than most shows you see at TRU,” Law said. “There’s a lot of sword fighting in the show. We’ve put in a lot of work and the people here are like family with each other and I think it shows on stage; the chemistry is really strong. It’s good for a laugh and maybe even a cry for some people.”

Agnes’ adventure is spent mingling with her party members, fighting many monsters and learning more about her younger sister along the way. This journey will make you laugh, cry and experience some 90s nostalgia. You won’t want to miss this!

She Kills Monsters will take place in the Actors Workshop Theatre from Oct 3-6 and 10-13, with shows starting at 7:30 p.m. each night. Tickets are $15 at the box office or reservation via phone (250-377-6100).