Padova Asylum gets spooky just in time for Halloween

You can now go on tours and participate in escape rooms at the former insane asylum

While the buildings may look like the kind of place you’d find ghosts and ghouls, they are, believe it or not, entirely safe to enter. (Morgan Hunter/The Omega)

The Tranquille Farms have recently opened the Padova Asylum tunnels to give tours. In addition to this, you can try to escape from the asylum by participating in the Escape from Padova escape rooms, the only tunnel escape rooms in Canada.

Both events are group-centred with up to 20 or so people being shown around the tunnels. The tour of the tunnels is guided by the theme that a group of teenagers ended up lost in the tunnels and how the guides are attempting to find them as well as stay away from the landlord that owns the property.

Raggy halls, leaking ceiling with missing tiles and graffiti-stained walls grace you once inside the former asylum.

The setting was truly creepy, with the damp air, the missing floor tiles and the signs of old equipment still being stuck to the walls giving a truly haunting experience. However, it continually got subtracted by the host attempting to give a plot to the environment.

Every time there was a corny joke or a reason to check deeper into the asylum, driven by whatever was happening in the story, took away from the setting of the place itself. There were a few instances where there was a figure that would pass in the distant darkness that would work, then there would be a failed joke about one of the teenagers that would take away from that.

The actors were trying their best and the experience of going through the tunnels was interesting, yet the entire point of going into the tunnels is to experience the tunnels themselves, not a story written to add atmosphere to the tunnels.

The tunnel escape rooms are the first of their kind in Canada. Test your wits and see if you’re one of the lucky few to escape.(Morgan Hunter/The Omega)

The real excitement came from the escape room that were at the other end of the property. This event is well worth the price of admission, with it best being described as “how to bring 20 strangers together in an hour”.

There is no sense in getting into the details of what the escape rooms actually consist of, due to leaving it open for people who are going. But the experience is well detailed, with challenging clues that will leave heads spinning with confusion until eventually that “aha!” moment hits and gives a sense of pride in the person experiencing it.

The setting itself leans well into an escape room atmosphere, with the tombs being highlighted only by the flashlights of the participants. Even the actors who are trapped down there with the participants have a lot to work with, essentially having a new story to form and work on with every new group.

Major points were also given for having such a cute dog as a guard of the property itself.

Overall, the tunnel’s setting has a lasting impression on any person going through them, yet the true feeling of Padova can be fully experienced by the escape room rather than the guided tour. You should certainly grab a group of friends and to give it a try. 

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