TRU and City sign memorandum of understanding

MOU between City of Kamloops and TRU paves the way for future collaboration

While TRU and the city have partnered together on many previous projects, the MOU formalizes that both parties work together for their mutual benefit and the benefit of the region. (TRU)

TRU and the City of Kamloops have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will build on their current relationship and establish a “commitment to ongoing collaboration.”

While only a philosophical agreement between the two parties, the MOU serves to guide both the city and the university in their efforts to identify and pursue opportunities for collaboration.

“TRU grew with this community. We employ more than 2,100 people, have 15,000 students on campus and another 15,000 who study through Open Learning,” said TRU president Alan Shaver in the release. “Beyond that, we have thousands of alumni who call Kamloops home. It makes sense that we continue to collaborate with the city and region. This MOU says we are dedicated to increasing this collaboration.”

The official signing took place on Thursday, August 23 at the Tournament Capital Centre (TCC). The TCC is perhaps the community’s most visible representation of the relationship between TRU and the City of Kamloops, home to many of TRU’s athletics programs and city offices as well.

Shaver specifically noted how the TCC has served as an example of how the municipality and the university can work together to strengthen the region around them. Yet the university can also help the city in other ways too, such as research activities.

“When the City built a state-of-the-art water-treatment facility in 2005, TRU was included as a partner for research and training,” the release reads.

However, commitment to the agreement by both parties is essential to its success, said Kamloops mayor Ken Christian. The MOU simply formalizes that committee structures, such as the Joint Steering Committee, review initiatives that advance the shared goals of the City, TRU and the broader Kamloops community.

“The City and TRU have a long history of working together for the benefit of our community,” said Mayor Ken Christian in the release. “This MOU formalizes the relationship and signals our intent to continue to pursue opportunities that support our respective goals and areas of common interest.”

Some of those possible areas of collaboration include educational programming in support of the public, community-focused research, land-use planning for the campus and planning leading to environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainable development.

The newly signed MOU remains in place indefinitely with a review to occur every five years.