Volleyball players selected for Canada’s youth team

Two WolfPack players will represent TRU on Canada's youth team this month

Evan Yakymishen. (TRU Athletics)

The WolfPack team will have two representatives playing for the Canadian volleyball youth team. Sam Elgert (setter, Athabasca, AB.) and Evan Yakymishen (middle, Sherwood Park, AB.) will be representing Canada in late July.

Both players played together for Edmonton U18 FOG and were coached by Greg Elgert, Sam’s father.

“It is pretty special to be able to play alongside with Sam for two years in club, now with Canada and soon with the WolfPack,” said Yakymishen to TRU athletics. “It’s unbelievable and I can’t wait for it to start.”

Greg Elgert told TRU athletics that he was impressed with the performances of both players and the development that they have gone through during the season.

From their interviews with TRU Athletics, it’s easy to get the impression that there is a strong bond between both players and coach Elgert. A strong camaraderie hard to find anywhere else.

“I just went out and played my best during nationals. I think this is a great way to finish our club careers,” remarked the younger Elgert. “ Especially for Evan who made such a leap in his play the past year.” 

“Being recognized as being two of the best players in the country is certainly a big achievement,” said coach Pat Hennelly.

“The fact they get a full week of extra training is always great. Obviously as a player you want to step up your play as you represent your country,” said Hennelly.

Hennelly said he was always confident about the selection of the players and though he admits his bias as a coach, he felt Sam Elgert was the best setter in the country.

He also gave a lot credit to Greg Elgert for the role he played in the development of the two players and their growth as volleyball players.

Sam Elgert further expressed his excitement to TRU athletics about the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches in the country. He also expressed a desire to keep improving and views this opportunity as the perfect platform for growth.

It is always great to hear about TRU players getting recognition for their performances and to hear about players and athletes who have a mindset to continue growing.

The positivity from all parties involved, from the likes of Hennelly, the two players and Greg Elgert is great to hear and shows why these players have such an opportunity to become household names in the Canadian volleyball scene.

The hope now would be that this takes their performances with TRU to the next level.

The national youth team will be training from July 14-21 at Mount Royal University in Calgary.