Industry leaders speak at The Biggest Business Conference of the Year

Edu Connect Conference provided students an opportunity to learn from and talk to entrepreneurs and innovators

The aptly named Biggest Business Conference of the year included presentations from many industry leaders. (Juan Cabrejo/The Omega)

On March 28, The Biggest Business Conference of the Year was held in hopes of providing an opportunity to learn and hear from some industry leaders.

The event included Tai Tran, who launched Apple’s first branded social media account on Twitter as @AppleMusicHelp, Amanda Hobson, the CEO and vice president of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, and VK Lakkineni, an Amazon Best Selling Author. Four other innovators also came to give their stories of success, as well as advice to students attempting to break into the business world.

Manu Goswami, the CEO of SuperFan Inc, advocated the importance of social media as well as networking a brand and continuously attempting to create multiple entrepreneurships.

Amanda Hobson paid more attention towards the differences of generations as well as the individualized placement of workplaces. While she continued to hail the differences among the ages, she believes that unity will only come with patience for change.

“Those who choose not to adapt, are resistant or are slow to change will suffer dire consequences,” she said. 

Matthew Burns, who is the Human Resources Director for JYSK, a clothing distributor, talked about the problems surrounding the profession and the issues that are not being tackled around the disconnect between HR and the business.

“I would really advise you to look at discomfort as a negative because discomfort is a doorway to opportunity,” Burns said.

Burns continued to talk about his experiences in the retail industry and the customer services industry, which included Wal-Mart and JYSK. He revealed that a slow gaining of experience was more helpful than gaining a formal education.

“I found that if I could transfer an idea slowly, yet at a continuous rate, it was more beneficial to me rather do that than attempting to follow a status quo that was given by a superior,” he said.

The speakers continued on the tone that formal education cannot stop you from attempting to grow as an innovator. The skills that were principal among the speakers were an openness to a learning mindset, transparency and diversity. Burns also touched on this fact.

“It’s not something nice to have, however, its a requirement,” he said.