Elementary school students visit TRU on field trip

Kids given chance to explore TRU while helping in education student's practicum

Students received moose dolls after the trip. (Nolan Chapman/TRU World)

Nineteen elementary class students from School District 73 visited Thompson Rivers University campus as a part of a field trip. The aim was to acclimatize the students with university life and inspire them.

Nolan Chapman, bachelor of education student at TRU, arranged the field trip during his certification practicum. Chapman is a TRU teacher candidate. His motivation to bring them to TRU stemmed from his passion for teaching.

“My students are very important to me and this was my way of showing them where and what I came from,” Chapman said. “Where I found my passion to teach and why I ended up in their classroom. I hope my students have a spark of inspiration that can have a positive influence on their lives”

After the field trip, the students shared with Chapman that “TRU was like a city of its own”. Chapman took some time to discuss scholarship opportunities and how they could receive money for achieving high grades. A day at TRU piqued the students’ interest in post-secondary education, especially programs like trades and technology, law and fine arts.

Chapman and his students made two stops at TRU to talk to people from the university. First, Aaron Wiebe, Research Assistant from the Sustainability Office, talked to the students about the zero waste stations, the solar sidewalk and the solar compass. Second, Ana Carolina G. Bovi Diogo, Auxiliary International Marketing Coordinator at TRU World, talked to the students about what her job was and about the students’ future possibilities at TRU.

“My advice for prospective TRU students is that university is a place where you can receive a quality education at the same time as finding your true passions” said Chapman, “At university, especially TRU, there are so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Look at university as the step in the right direction in discovering yourself and increasing your skills for your future career.”

The Omega also spoke to an international student, Safwat Musthafa, a computer science student from Abu Dhabi, who chose TRU after attending an information session on the institution at his school back home. Just like an info session made the decision for Musthafa, Chapman’s field trip might make the decision for a few of these kids!