Shred Kelly set to return to the Kamloops stage next week

Following the release of their fourth studio album, Shred Kelly will take the stage at the Blue Grotto

Shred Kelly (Submitted)

B.C. based folk band Shred Kelly are back at again with a brand new album, Archipelago and a tour across Western and Central Canada. Shred Kelly will be touching down in Kamloops on March 27 to bring audiences together with their contemporary approach to the genre.

Shred Kelly has recently released their fourth studio album, Archipelago, three years after their third album Sing to the Night in 2015.

Archipelago features 11 tracks of “in-your-face” folk tunes sure to keep your foot tapping and longing for sunny summer afternoons.

The album was signed under DevilDuck Records, a label based out of Germany. Since going worldwide, DevilDuck has cued up many international acts with Shred Kelly being their first Canadian signing.

Archipelago was produced under Vancouver-based music producer Howard Redekopp who has worked with well-known Canadian sister duo Tegan and Sara, as well as music producer Josh Rob Gwilliam. The track “Don’t Ever Look Back” also featured the producing powers of Colin Stewart, known for his work with Canadian Indie Rock band Yukon Blonde.

“We worked hard to create an album that captured the energy of our live show, which can be a challenge in the studio. Thankfully, our producers Howard Redekopp, Josh Rob Gwilliam and Colin Stewart really succeeded at getting dynamic performances, and challenged us while keeping the process a lot of fun. We are very proud and excited to put it out into the world,” said band member Sage McBride.

The album features up beat riffs of banjos, mandolins and the classic guitar. The tracks mix together the collaborative writing powers of band members Tim Newton, Sage McBride, Jordan Vlasschaert and Ty West.

“We’ll never put a song on the album that we don’t all agree on. With all of us gravitating towards different styles of music, it’s difficult at times to all agree on what we like most. So if we all love it, it’s a definite yes for the album,” McBride said.

Kamloops will get their chance to see this up-beat B.C.-grown band perform at the Blue Grotto on March 27 before they set off for the European leg of their promotional tour.