Food, feminism, fun and all other F’s

Mary Walsh brings the hilarity of her personas to TRU

This Hour Has 22 Minutes star, Mary Walsh, entertained the audience in a sold-out show in TRU’s Grand Hall last Monday. (Viet Hoàng/TRU World)

The lights dimmed and Mary Walsh’s booming Ontario accent flooded the room as she entered the Grand Hall on March 5 for her show Food, Feminism, Fun and All the Other F’s.

The sold-out room roared with laughter as Walsh spent the first ten minutes of her monologue roasting PM Justin Trudeau, BC Hydro and the mayor of Kamloops or as Walsh called it, “Fruit Loops.”

By the end of the introduction, she was standing in front of the crowd wearing only pants and a bra, the audience hysterical with laughter and applause.

The whirlwind of energy and humour continued on as Walsh began to speak on the topics of the #metoo movement and the upcoming International Women’s Day, referring to the fact that “women only get one day, while nuts and fruits get whole months of celebration.”

Walsh also spoke on the serious issues of women in the mediums of film and television, calling for a boycott of female abuse portrayed on screen so that we may be able to live that reality as well.

The floor soon opened to questions, where Walsh opened up to the people of Kamloops. This included TRUSU vice president external Cole Hickson asking what it was like kissing Stephen Harper and others asking Walsh’s opinion of the CBC and its future.

Walsh even took a more serious standpoint talking about mental health and its importance, calling for our society to “turn the light on mental health” and admitting that a lot of change still has to happen in our acceptance of it.