Kamloops Film Festival shows support for local film industry

KISS Festival showcases all the great work done by aspiring local filmmakers and auteurs


Kamloops Film Society opened the fourth day of the Kamloops Film Festival with the 11th annual KISS (Kamloops Independent Short Short) Festival. The Paramount Theatre was packed with Kamloops locals there to celebrate the local artistic talent.

The audience was entertained with 23 shorts from all genres with no two films alike. Everything from Aboriginal appreciation, slapstick humor and everything in between danced across the large screen of the downtown Paramount Theatre.

The afternoon was filled with artists from all backgrounds including a local high school student, Phoenix Guzzo, who won the Youth Award for his short film Drive Me Crazy.

Many stories used non-traditional film techniques including a film by Amanda Duggan named Reformed. This film featured both drawn animation as well as stop motion techniques to give a beautiful touch to her short.

Other notable films included a showcase short on local BMX-riding teen Ben Giddens. This film displayed the active and adventurous nature of the 14 year-old. On a more humorous note, films such as Bike Life by Aly Couch and Kara Wright and Outdoor Weather by Chris Bose had the audience as a whole laughing.

The festival worked as an audience ballot to determine the winner of the 11th annual KISS Fest winner. After the ballots were counted the society announced that Josef Perszon had won first place with his short film Holy Dungarees; a hilarious comedy featuring a magic pair of dungarees with the power to multiply whatever touched the pockets, whether that be a loonie or a pair of sunglasses.