Explore diversity with your tastebuds during IDays

This year's IDays will be focusing on the celebration of culture through food

While last year’s IDays focussed on the promotion of the UN sustainability goals, IDays is still primarily about the
exploration of diversity on campus and the inclusivity of everyone within the TRU community. (Juan Cabrejo/The Omega)

International Days (IDays) has become a staple event on TRU’s campus, it’s an event that focuses on recognizing the broad international community with a variety of multicultural events. Every year the event is a celebration of these different cultures through food, experience, research and interests. This year’s theme is food for thought, food for life and food for fun.

Tony Rogge the international and managing director of TRU World Global Operations, says this year’s theme ties in nicely with last years effort to promote UN sustainability goals. Last year they initiated a relationship with the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation.

“We tried to introduce the concept of sustainable development goals to our campus,” Rogge said.

IDays wants to include theses UN sustainability goals within the event because each goal tackles a different social or economic issue and is aimed at improving the quality of life around the world.

“We’re going to focus on four of the goals that relate to the theme of IDays,” Rogge said. “The four UN goals that we’d like to focus on this year are zero hunger, responsible consumption and production, health and well-being and sustainable cities and communities.”

Beyond the sustainability goals, food as the theme for this year seemed like the perfect fit because food is ultimately something that many people can connect with.

“The thing about food is, you can look at it from a very superficial level and just say, ‘Well here’s the tip of the iceberg,’ and we like food because it’s tasty and its fun to eat,” Rogge said. “But if we want to go underneath the surface a little bit and get deeper into that big part of the iceberg that’s submerged, we can make some very profound connections between food and rituals, food and sustainability, food and meaning-making.”

Food is also an easy way to share part of your culture and experience part of a culture that may be new to you.

“We’re using that theme as a lens and a metaphor to explore culture, community, sustainability and how local connects to the global,” Rogge said.

Rogge adds that this year’s IDays celebration has a lot of variety in its events, and there is sure to be something for everyone.

“There are some workshops that are free that are designed to help students connect with people in the community locally and internationally. We have a whole series of different speakers that try and take locally perspective but connect it to the connections that Kamloops has around the world,” Rogge said.

This year’s event will run from Monday, March 5 to Sunday, March 9, you can check out their website idays2018.sched.com for the full schedule of events.