Debunking myths around Islamophobia with fun and comedy

The TRUSU Equity Committee hosted an event to encouraged the end of community hatred

“The Muslims are Coming!” aimed to debunk the stigma and myths surrounding the Islamic community. (Submitted)

On Friday Feb. 1 the TRUSU Equity Committee hosted an evening dedicated to debunking the stigma and fear around the Islamic community. Guests were treated to a comedic approach of breaking down the barriers that Islamophobia has built in the West.

The committee presented the 2013 comedic documentary “The Muslims are Coming!” co-directed by comedians Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah. The film shed light on a educational comedy tour through the American south and southwest, with hopes of debunking Islamophobia in Middle America.

“We are loving people, we believe in peace” said TRUSU visible minorities representative Inayat Ur-Rehman.

Much of the basis of the film was to open up the eyes of those who are uneducated on the topic and the committee aimed to do that Friday evening with the people of Kamloops.

“Many folks in the community don’t know much about Islamic communities and that’s the basis of hatred towards Islamics,” explained Ur-Rehman.

This was apparent from the many conversations that rattled around the room just following the movie. The crowd was energized and talking about the new knowledge gained from this comedic approach to education.

Ur-Rehman, who moved to Canada over two years ago, has felt nothing but welcomed in Kamloops.

“I’ve felt so welcomed by the community here,” Ur-Rehman said. “I tremendously feel loved.”

The basis around both the film and evening’s film screen encouraged the same message; just ask and be friendly to those that are a little different than you.

“The best thing to do is make Muslim friends. There are more than 200 Muslim students here,” Ur-Rehman encouraged. “Ask them questions!”