The Birds and the Bees comes to the Western Canada Theatre

The light-hearted romantic comedy opens with uncontrollable giggles and inappropriate jokes

Ben (Allen), Gail (Lipman) and Earl (Jarvis) in The Birds and the Bees. (Stephen Wild/Submitted)

Western Canada Theatre opened up Thursday night with a gut-busting comedy, The Birds and the Bees. Audiences took a leap into the relatable misfortune and chaos of the characters’ busy lives.

The Birds and the Bees is a Canadian play written by playwright Mike Crawford. Crawford’s first production of the Birds and the Bees premiered at the Blyth Festival in the summer of 2016.

Kamloops’ production of The Birds and the Bees is directed by WCT director Ashlie Corcoran. WCT is producing the show in association with Thousand Islands Playhouse, Gananoque.

All four of the main characters gave a deeply relatable and simultaneously light-hearted performance that left the audience in stitches throughout the play.

Viewers were enticed into the chaotic lives of Gail (Nicola Lipman) and her adult daughter Sarah (Naomi Wright), who showed up on her mother’s doorstep following the crumbling of her marriage. Their dry love lives are tested with romance and unexpected twists that keep the audience giggling and engaged.

Gail, a divorced mother of two adult daughters and keeper of thousands of bees, is a spitfire and shy around the topic of sex even though it’s kind of hard to ignore the not-so-subtle innuendos that blanket the performance. Lipman gave a performance the audience craved with her fiery character and quick wit.

Her daughter Sarah follows pretty close in her mother’s footsteps with her witty comebacks. After the crumble of a marriage to her long-time husband, she goes out in search of the attention she’s been craving for the long months of loneliness. Wright’s portrays a hilariously realistic modern, middle-aged woman in her search for love, attention and family.

Other characters include the blunt, inappropriate neighbour and renter of Gail’s farm, Earl (John Javis). Earl is also divorced, but living to the best of his bachelor life, or possibly just waiting for the right lady to fill the place of his ex-wife. You can’t forget the lovable, rambling grad student and bee researcher Ben (Christopher Allen) either. His fast-paced, high energy rambles make you fall in love with his scattered brained approach to life.

The Birds and the Bees gives the audience a look into what it can be like to find love at different stages of your life, even if a love life doesn’t seem possible.

With so many twists and turns, the audience will be absorbed in this light-hearted romantic comedy. Full of sex-positive comedy, The Birds and the Bees isn’t your typical stuffy theatre production.

The Birds and the Bees will run Jan. 31 to Feb. 3. Tickets can be purchased at the WCT Live! box office at (250) 374-5483.