TRU theatre alumni moving on to Toronto

Chimera founding members joining The Second City training centre

Brittany McCarthy as Mockus Aurelius. (OMEGA FILE PHOTO)

Local Kamloops actors and TRU alumni will be jetting off to Toronto to further perfect the craft of acting. Chimera actors, Brittany McCarthy, Jessica Buchanan and Brooke Ballam will be traveling to study at The Second City, a theatre training centre.

The three actors are quite prominent in the Kamloops theatre scene. McCarthy and Ballam, along with Andrew Cooper were the founding members of Chimera Theatre, a local theatre group giving opportunities to the community. McCarthy also founded The Freudian Slips, a local improv comedy troupe, with fellow TRU alumni Buchanan.

Not all starts in acting come equally, and this is incredibly true in the case of McCarthy. Theatre was never on her radar; it was a fear. Growing up a shy kid, the thought of being an actor was never one she had. It was only when she was forced to take an acting elective in high school, because the woodworking elective was full, that she blossomed into her acting career.

“I would have rather risked getting my hand cut off with a saw than do theatre,” McCarthy recalled.

In Ballam’s case, acting never felt like a career choice but rather a hobby. That was until he reached university and started to pursue it more after taking a theatre class.

Second City is a huge step for budding actors. The three Chimera actors will be using this knowledge to further pursue a career in what they love.

“I like theatre as escapism. I want to help people escape their everyday problems,” Ballam explained of his inspiration to perform.

As for the future, both McCarthy and Ballam agreed that to make a living doing what they truly love would be their greatest accomplishment. Kamloops has given them their start, but they will move on towards big things and possibly bring back knowledge to further the theatre scene in Kamloops.

“We are so grateful to this community for giving us a chance to do this,” McCarthy said, extending sincere thanks to the community of Kamloops for the theatre career she has started with TRU and Chimera Theatre.