CBC radio show host will speak at TRU

Terry O’Reilly will talk counterintuitive thinking in Common Voices Lecture Series

CBC’s Terry O’Reilly hosts Under the Influence and will speak at TRU in February. (Terry O’Reilly)

As part of their first Common Voices series, TRUSU feature Terry O’Reilly, host of the popular CBC radio series Under the Influence and The Age of Persuasion. O’Reilly, who will be at TRU Feb. 7, will talk about how to solve problems using counterintuitive thinking.

O’Reilly’s lecture, called Jump the Fence: the Power of Counterintuitive Thinking will be specifically looking at how different companies and organizations come up with solutions to difficult problems.

TRUSU’s entertainment committee identified O’Reilly as a potential candidate for the Common Voices lecture series after listening to his CBC podcasts, said Janelle Lapointe, TRUSU’s vice-president internal.

“The first one that caught my eye was on gender marketing. That was the first podcast our committee came across,” Lapointe said. “He just has such a knowledge base in marketing and he is able to apply it to other things like social issues.”

More specifically, O’Reilly will present on marketing strategies that are both creative and go against conventional wisdom when it comes to business practices. As with many of O’Reilly’s lectures, Jump the Fence is filled with remarkable stories of how businesses have achieved exceptional results using uncommon strategies.

Though O’Reilly’s lecture will no doubt be helpful to TRU business and marketing students looking to find inspiration for strategic thinking, Lapointe believes O’Reilly’s lecture holds significance for all students at the university.

“This event is so important to us because we do so much work in the classroom, but the best learning experiences, in my experience, come from outside-of-class events like Common Voices,” Lapointe said. “So that will be really interesting because it applies to all students no matter their studies.”

Though the event is free to attend, seating is limited and TRUSU has already sold half of the available tickets with only 350 left.

“We’re really excited, we started giving tickets out at the desk a week ago and we are already half sold through them,” Lapointe said.
In addition to his time as a radio host, O’Reilly is also an award-winning copywriter for a number of Toronto advertising agencies. His experience in the advertising industry was the inspiration for his popular show Under the Influence.

The show, which has over a million listeners a week in Canada alone, looks at all aspects of advertising and even gives audiences an inside view of big brand companies and advertising agencies.