Sia’s latest is Christmas music for people who hate Christmas music

Australian powerhouse Sia dropped her first Christmas album, “Everyday is Christmas,” and it’s all you’ll want to listen to this holiday season. She’s revamped Christmas music without the usual assault of jingle bells and kept just a sprinkle of peppermint to keep with the season.

Christmas music has been a debate for years. When is too early? Should it be played at all? Speaking as someone who adores Christmas, I think it’s never too early, and I will be blasting it at all hours of the day. “Everyday is Christmas” is welcomed with open arms into my Christmas music collection with its non-traditional take on songs about Santa Claus and elves.

“Everyday is Christmas” doesn’t act as a grab bag of seasonal troupes, but rather the upbeat tunes and soulful vocals you’d expect from Sia and with a sprinkle of holiday spirit. With limited twinkly music and the Mariah Carey-like high notes you won’t mind an overly festive friend playing this album after Dec. 25.

The album kicks off with a very obvious Christmas tune with “Santa’s Coming for Us.” This song is reminiscent of the carol “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” an overplayed classic in desperate need of a revamp. Sia gives us what we need whether we knew it or not. While obviously Christmas-y, even the Grinch wouldn’t be able to stop his toe from tapping to these cheerful and repetitive lyrics.

The album is a beautiful blend of upbeat beats and emotional ballads. “Snowman”, with its soft piano riffs and slight jazz vibe, represents the type of lovesick ballad for which Sia is best known. It’s perfect for late night relaxing while watching snow blanket the roads.

Sia hits the perfect mix of cheerful, upbeat Christmas tunes to add to our gift-wrapping playlist, with soft, romantic ballads with her classic soulful lyrics.

After a decade of quirky pop vocals, Sia takes on Christmas music and revamps the classics to put Mariah Carey to shame.