Old Wolves win 3-on-3 tourney

Photo Juan Cabrejo/The Omega

The second annual TRU 3-on-3 basketball tournament took place on Sept. 23. The event was a quite a success as there was a reasonable turnout for the event, with a good number of teams registering in the tournament.

The incentive for the participants was a $500 prize for 1st place, $300 for 2nd and $100 for 3rd. Most of the players involved were not WolfPack athletes, which made this tournament more exciting because it meant other people got a chance to shine.

The organisation of the tournament was very good and this went hand in hand with how entertaining the play on the court was. The games were competitive with lots of momentum shifts back and forth between the teams.

The tournament had a knockout format, which increased drama but also hurt the competition aspect as the teams never really got to prove themselves sufficiently.

The semi-final stages of the tournament were just as exhilarating as the early rounds, as the two best teams, the Old Wolves and the Wombats advanced to the final. The quality of the basketball improved as the tournament progressed. The final produced the best games of the entire tournament.

The contest featured spectacular dunks and some unbelievable three-point shooting. The intensity level was pretty high and both teams put in maximum effort to make the contest worthy of a final.

Early on the Wombats seized control with brilliant three pointers while the the Old Wolves were searching for answers as layup after layup was missed. This game typified how unpredictable sport can be, just as it seemed as if the Wombats had the final in the bag, the Old Wolves came roaring back with some spectacular team play.

Ultimately the shift in momentum was enough and the Old Wolves were awarded the $500 prize. Courts Illustrated took third.