Travis Wright talks startups and social media

Using social media platforms and software to improve your personal and professional brand

Travis Wright speaks at the TRU Business Kickstarter event (Robin Nicolette Phelan/TRU)

Thompson Rivers University invited Travis Wright to contribute to the TRU Business Kickstarter Speaker Series. On March 15, chief marketing technologist of CCP Global, CEO/co-founder of MediaThinkLabs, and columnist for Inc. Magazine, Travis Wright, delivered a presentation focused on utilization of social media platforms and innovative online technologies in the Mountain Room of the TRU Campus Activity Centre.

Wright, a social media influencer with over 220 thousand twitter followers, narrated his success stories and business experience concerning social media and digital software. Wright talked about how social media, as a tool, can be used to reach out to new customers and improve relationships with current customers. Social media provides online value to businesses concerning customer relationship management (CRM) and digital analytics.

Wright dived into all the uses for social media platforms. Social media can be used for business team support, customer relationships, establishing professional online presence and job prospecting for both employers and potential employees. Companies and professional people can use social media platforms to solidify their brand. Wright explains that brand, personal or professional, is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

Wright further explains how startups and established businesses alike can use free online software to place ads, use search engine optimization (SEO), target potential customers and specific demographics, and build marketing software management stacks.
“Print media is still relevant depending on your business, but cannot be as micro targeted as digital marketing. Print has its place and it is not going away,” Wright said.

Along with Wright, The Omega also spoke with Julio Viskovich, a friend of Wright’s and TRU professor of social media and marketing for the school business and economics.

“A lot of folks that are in the retired age are used to the traditional mediums and have not quite adapted to digital, and may not completely adapt. If you can find a cool way to do something innovative and change the game, you can still totally leverage those traditional mediums and do something different,” Viskovich said.