Kamloops Film Festival in review: Weirdos

Each year, The Omega reviews the films presented at the Kamloops Film Festival. The festival came to a close on March 11.

Weirdos was a delightful film set in Nova Scotia in the 1970s. Shot in black and white, it signifies times were different. The film features Dylan Authors as Kit, a boy who decided to hitchhike with his girlfriend Alice (Julia Sarah Stone) to live with his artistic mother.

The “spirit animal” character was interesting, named simply as “Not Andy Warhol.” While he was only visible to Kit, his purpose was not to tell Kit what to do, but to help him make up his own mind. The character was supportive and comical throughout the film.

The film challenged many social issues including homosexuality and mental illness. It also touched on the Khmer Rouge. While these issues were pertinent to the story and were able to make people think about the impact they have, the film chose not to make the issues too dramatic. The way the film included these social issues into the everyday lives of the characters made it relatable to anyone in the audience, regardless of sexual orientation or personal experiences.

The soundtrack in the film was delightful and appropriate. It was not distracting during the film, yet managed to make the scenes more enjoyable and stuck to the era the film was set in. Throughout the film, the audience had very little moments where there wasn’t something going on, whether it be happening at the time, or more of an implied issue foreshadowing what will happen next. There were, however, some scenes that felt like they lasted slightly longer than they needed to, with the intention of putting more emphasis on the issues at hand.

Overall this film was able to pull you into the lives of the characters and experience what they are going through first hand. It was very enjoyable and I would recommend it.