Country duo gear up to rock The Den

Local band Bees and the Bare Bones makes community connections

Abby Wale and Madison Olds will play at The Den on March 16. (Marcela Arévalo/Ω)

Madison Olds and Abby Wale started Bees and the Bare Bones in August 2016. The group made their music debut at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Alta. and formed just in time to make the submission cut or the 2016 Chevy Tailgate contest.

“There was something called the Chevy Tailgate contest, and it was across Canada amongst four country festivals. We submitted last minute [and] we wrote a song called Mad Love. We didn’t anticipate making it to the second round, let alone win the whole contest. We were very surprised. We went to Nashville to record a song called fool which is now on CMT,” Olds said.

Since writing that first song Mad Love, Olds says their writing style has matured a lot.

“Mad love is a hate song described as a love song. We are basically bashing the same guy, but we make it sound super cute and innocent,” Olds said.

The duo has now released one professionally recorded song, called Fool, that aired as a bonus track on CMT. Olds said that they are working towards including a bit of indie folk into their sound going forward.

“We started out doing a lot of country, which we love. So, we’ve written a lot of outlaw bad chick kind of stuff,” Olds said. “We are storytelling, so we are trying to tell a little bit of what’s going on in our lives,” Olds said.

Now the they have won the Tailgate contest, the band is working towards spreading their music around town to the people of Kamloops.

“We just want to play for Kamloops. We are so grateful for all the voting and work people did to get us to Nashville. We really want to sew back in and play as many events as we possibly can because we are so proud to be from here,” Olds said.

The musical duo is now focusing their efforts on making community connections in Kamloops and creating more of their own original songs.

“Now we are working towards playing as many shows as possible and writing an album,” Olds said.
Olds and Wale will be playing with their band next at The Den here on campus.

“Stuart McCallum, Jared Wilman and Alex Ward are playing with us in the band. They are such talented musicians,” Olds said.

The live music performance will take place on campus from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on March 16.

“We are just super excited to play the show, and we love TRU,” Olds said.

Tickets are available at or by email at and are $15 each.

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