Chinese New Year marked with Spring Festival

Chinese New Year works to bring international communities together with Spring Gala

Photos from last year’s Spring Festival. (The Chinese students and scholars association of Thompson Rivers University)

The sixth annual Spring Festival Gala is being held by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of TRU. Haonan Deng, the vice-president of the association said that the Spring Festival is an important tradition in Chinese culture.

“Students here [will] get to see how we celebrate New Year. We celebrate it based on our traditional calendar. It’s on a different day every single year,” Deng said.

The event will give attendees the chance to experience a traditional New Year.

“Our event will include lots of traditional dance, performances, a fireworks show and many fun games for our guests,” Deng said.

Along with performances, the event will serve a traditional meal for attendees.

“We will also have lots of traditional stuff to show how Chinese culture impacts Chinese people and Chinese students. We will also have Chinese food for the guests to taste, which many people say is very delicious,” Deng said.

Ying Li, the president of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association said that the festival will include a variety of international communities.

“We’ll have a Taiwan collab and a drop-in Japanese collab. Not just Chinese people celebrate the festival but also people from Indonesia, Thailand, and other Chinese regions like Hong Kong, Taiwan,” Li said.

The Chinese students and scholars association of Thompson Rivers University.

The festival also provides students with a chance to make friends within their own communities but also with other international and local students.

“They will sit at a round table, they can talk to each other and watch performances. They can communicate their culture and how their culture is different than ours. I think it’s a really good event for international cultural exchange,” Deng said.

The event is being held not only to ring in the New Year but to help spread awareness of the Chinese culture and get rid of some stereotypes that people may have.

“We are the largest international group in TRU,” Deng said.

Along with giving students a taste of something new, the event will create a sense of home for others.

“We want to get a sense of home. So, this festival will provide that environment for them,” Deng said.

The festival will take place at 5 p.m. on Jan. 20. VIP tickets for the event are $30 and $20 for students with ID. The event will be held on campus in the Grand Hall. Tickets can be purchased on the Chinese students and scholars association’s website