Bear sightings on campus prompt safety notice from TRU

TRU’s office of safety and emergency management issued a safety warning Wednesday evening following bear sightings on campus. The complete notice is below.

With recent bear sightings on campus – primarily near garbage cans – it is important that staff and students know appropriate safety measures and prevention tips in order to reduce conflict.

To prevent bears from becoming food conditioned, students and staff should be sure to:

  • Keep all scraps/food items out of outdoor garbage cans (dispose items indoors as much as possible)
  • Be sure to not leave any litter/food scraps on campus grounds that could act as an attractant to bears
  • Harvest fruit from campus fruit trees and clean up any wind-fallen fruit
  • Bird feeders on campus should be removed during high bear conflict months (September-November) and the ground underneath feeders should always be kept clean and free of bird seed

If you happen to encounter a bear on campus, be sure to:

  • Remain calm, do not scream or yell
  • Do not approach the bear and NEVER RUN
  • Stay together in a group
  • Always give the bear room to retreat
  • If the bear approaches you – speak in a calm assertive voice
  • Back away slowly when the bear stops advancing
  • Call Campus Security at 250-828-5033 or use the TRU SAFE app
  • Report the incident to 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP Line)

Remember to NEVER feed wildlife and to ALWAYS respect wildlife by giving them space and distance.

Please note that garbage habituated bears cannot be relocated and will be destroyed by Conservation Officers.

Stacey Jyrkkänen
Associate Director – Office of Safety & Emergency Management