Local club goes international in its offerings

A new night at Shark Club caters an international experience by diversifying the Kamloops club scene

Shark Club's new Southside Fridays brings some new artists to the Kamloops club scene's playlist. (Southside Fridays Facebook)

Shark Club’s new Southside Fridays brings some new artists to the Kamloops club scene’s playlist. (Southside Fridays Facebook)

Mikael Finley and Hunter Capostinsky are two local DJs working together to create a unique experience for club-goers in town. The duo is starting up a new night at Shark Club called Southside Fridays, aiming to fuse the genres of R&B, hip hop, rap, trap, global club and dancehall into a euphoric night of excitement.

Hoping to bring a slice of Vancouver to the Kamloops club scene and create a big city feeling, Southside Fridays will liven up the weekend for students after a long week of studying. Finley anticipates the event will be an electric experience, something that cannot be experienced on any other night or at any other venue in Kamloops.

“There are so many kids that go to TRU that aren’t from Canada, and I’m sure that they go out and wonder what the heck we listen to here in Kamloops and why we listen to what we listen to,” Finley said.

Finley explains that a lot of the other club nights in town play the same music and offer a very similar experience by sticking to the basics of electronic-dance music and whatever is on the Top 40 list that week. This could possibly alienate the diverse population within and around the campus community, according to Finley.

He added that they “wanted to switch [their] focus this year and try something new. We want to go for a global theme, that people from all over, when they come to Kamloops can listen to some music from their country.”

The duo started out their DJ careers while working in the Vancouver nightlife industry. They started by hosting their own parties and working their way up in the business by learning to appreciate different types of music, cultures and how to navigate the various types of genres. The inspiration for the night was a combination of Finley and Capostinsky’s experiences.

The night will not only cater to music lovers but will offer drink specials at prices that starving students can afford. Southside Fridays will kick off on Sept. 9 with a free back-to-school party at the Shark Club.
For more information on the event you can check out Southside Fridays Facebook or Instagram pages.