Actors Workshop Theatre has an intriguing year mapped out

TRU Theatre Arts shares a sneak peek of the mysteries, fun and drama coming up this year

TRU's Actors Workshop Theatre has plenty to offer this season at TRU's Black Box Theatre. (TRU)

TRU’s Actors Workshop Theatre has plenty to offer this season at TRU’s Black Box Theatre. (TRU)

Last year, we laughed and cried and this year the audience is in for another emotional rollercoaster. This year’s Actor Workshop Theatre is sure to satisfy. With four exciting projects on the radar, there is certainly something for everyone.

The session is set to commence with the 2013 Tony award-winning play Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. The play is a comedy about three siblings with the lingering threat of the loss of their home, extending well into their adulthood. The show will shine a spotlight on the inner workings of these characters, their relationships with one another and will run from Oct. 13 to 15 and Oct. 20 to 22 at TRU’s very own Black Box Theatre in Old Main.

Next up is Uncommon Women and Others, a coming-of-age story told in a series of flashbacks and interconnected scenes. The play tells the tale of seven college seniors and one freshman as they reminisce on their time during post-secondary education. It also covers memorable events leading up to their six-year reunion at Mount Holyoke College. The show will run from Dec. 1 to 3 and Dec. 8 to 10 at the Black Box Theatre.

The third production is set in Paris, France, with a period piece entitled The Liar. The play was adapted by David Ives from Pierre Corneille’s Le Menteur. It will take the audience back in time to the year 1643 to follow a newcomer named Dorante. Soon after his arrival to the city, Dorante meets two women named Clarice and Lucrece. He falls in love with Clarice but mistakes her name for Lucrece. This leads to a series of complicated scenarios and intricate lies. With many facets, this play takes a comedic angle to an otherwise dramatic and complex circumstance. The show will run from March 2 to 4 and March 9 to 11.

The year will conclude with the director’s festival, giving senior students in the program a chance to showcase their talent, including an array of content with some original scripts and adaptations with a twist. Although it is uncertain what we can expect from the festival, the show lineup alone promises to entertain. Night A of the festival will take place on April 10, 12 and 14. Night B will take place on April 11, 13 and 15 at the Black Box Theatre.

The shows start at 7:30 p.m. and the admission price for the productions is $14 each. For more information on any of the productions you can email