Three slates running in upcoming TRUSU election

With 31 candidates spread across three slates and two independents, TRUSU’s 2016 election will give students plenty to think about.

The largest slate, TRYOU, is made up of 13 members, including four who currently hold an elected position. Current TRUSU President Melissa Gordon and Vice-President External Amber Storvold are both seeking re-election for their current positions. Julian Simpson is looking to move from LGBTQ Representative to Vice-President Internal and Mwansa Kaunda from Director-at-Large to Vice-President Finance.

Challenging TRYOU and its incumbents will be the Student Advocacy Coalition (SAC), with 12 candidates put forward. In that slate, Brian Chiduuro is vying for a spot as union president, Yingqiong Wu is running for VP External, Oluwafemi Akinsanpe for VP Finance and Gagandeep Singh for VP Internal, along with eight other candidates for advocacy and director-at-large positions, challenging TRYOU in every position except LGBTQ representative.

Nations United has put forth candidates Suryansh Vats for president, Yashvini Bankal for VP External, Rahul Pujara for VP Finance and one candidate each for advocacy positions and directors-at-large.

Running independently, Jeremy Jenvenne will challenge the slates for the union presidency.

Are you running for TRUSU office and not listed here or was your information not listed correctly with TRUSU? Let us know.

Complete list of candidates

PresidentChiduuro, BrianStudent Advocacy Coalition
PresidentGordon, MelissaTRYOU
PresidentJenvenne, JeremyIndependent
PresidentVats, SuryanshNations United
VP ExternalBankal, YashviniNations United
VP ExternalStorvold, AmberTRYOU
VP ExternalWu, YingqiongStudent Advocacy Coalition
VP FinanceAkinsanpe, OluwafemiStudent Advocacy Coalition
VP FinanceKaunda, MwansaTRYOU
VP FinancePujara, RahulNations United
VP InternalSimpson, JulianTRYOU
VP InternalSingh, GagandeepStudent Advocacy Coalition
Adv. Rep. AboriginalAleck, James-DeanStudent Advocacy Coalition
Adv. Rep. AboriginalDelaRonde, RochelleTRYOU
Adv. Rep. GraduateLobo, Deepti S.TRYOU
Adv. Rep. GraduateThakker, YashStudent Advocacy Coalition
Adv Rep. InternationalSehgal, ChandanTRYOU
Adv Rep. InternationalWilson, AnselmStudent Advocacy Coalition
Adv. Rep. LGBTQOrteza, CaitlinTRYOU
Adv. Rep. WomenGuise, BrianaNations United
Adv. Rep. WomenRae, SierraTRYOU
Adv. Rep. WomenSola, OmatsoguwaStudent Advocacy Coalition
Director-at-LargeAboud, BawazirStudent Advocacy Coalition
Director-at-LargeBansal, SanchitNations United
Director-at-LargeGilbert, TatianaTRYOU
Director-at-LargeHaq, HumayraTRYOU
Director-at-LargeHickson, ColeStudent Advocacy Coalition
Director-at-LargeKhadikar, KshitijStudent Advocacy Coalition
Director-at-LargeSantamaria, LauraStudent Advocacy Coalition
Director-at-LargeSingh, GunveetTRYOU
Director-at-LargeZaitlin, Michael S.TRYOU