“This Changes Everything” showing precedes Klein’s visit to TRU

The Films For Change series’ latest showing talks industrialization and global warming across the globe

this_changes_everything“This Changes Everything” was the latest showing in the Films For Change series, sponsored by TRU’s Department of Environment and Sustainability and the Kamloops chapter of the Council of Canadians.

Narrated by Naomi Klein and based on her book of the same name, This Changes Everything is an optimistic documentary that calls to action a stance against fossil fuels and advocates for more sustainability.

Compared to previous showings, this event drew a larger crowd of over 100, nearly filling the room. The investment of the audience was apparent, with the viewers gasping at surprising facts and laughing at the statements of global warming deniers.

The film started close to home with the oil sands near Fort McMurray and the efforts of the Beaver Lake Cree to save their land.

Next was Hurricane Sandy in New York, seen as the karmic result of capitalism, followed by fossil fuel plant leaks in Montana; protests against a gold mine in Haldiki, Greece; proposed coal power plants in India; smog in China and successful protests in Germany.

A main argument for the production of fossil fuel power plants is jobs, which the film addressed. A worker at Fort McMurray suggested that switching existing plants to renewable energy would require just as many jobs, and the same kinds of jobs that fossil fuel processing requires.

The film was followed by a discussion period mediated by trades instructor Bruce Campbell. Panelists were Randy Sunderman, an economist with a degree in biology; Nancy Flood, a Biology professor at TRU and Arthur Manuel, member of the Neskonlith Indian Band and spokesperson for the Indigenous Network on Economics and Trade.

The next film in the series will be Milk, a documentary about breastfeeding, which will be shown in the TRU Clock Tower on Feb. 24. Admission is by donation.

Films For Change coordinator James Gordon put forth an open call for Kamloops groups to submit films for the following months. For more information email dnastrong1@gmail.com.

Naomi Klein will be in the Irving K. Barber Centre in the House of Learning on Feb. 17 for a discussion with local indigenous people about indigenous people and climate change.