App review: Storehouse

Storehouse Logo (Storehouse)Photo sharing seems to be a growing area of interest for app developers and users alike. Apps like Instagram and Pinterest make it increasingly easier to share photos with a lot of people, but what happens if you only want to share photos with a few people, say your family, and nobody else? Or what happens if you want to create an easy collage of your weekend camping trip? That’s where Storehouse comes in.

Storehouse allows you to create simple photo collages and then share them on Facebook or Twitter, but it also allows you to share them with selected people who also use Storehouse. It is a great way to share photos from your camping trip or family vacation in one place with the people you want.

When you get started with Storehouse, it takes a minute to get oriented in the app. The first time you open the app, it will ask you to create an account. Some people discount Storehouse right away because of this step, but it is important to do because the app is cloud-based and creating the account will allow you to access your collages on the website as well.

Once you have created an account, you can get started. Storehouse allows you to take photos from your phone’s camera roll as well as any other albums you have stored locally on your device. From there, you can rearrange, resize and create captions for the photos before you save the completed collage.

Once you have saved the collage, it gives you the sharing options. There are a number of options on how you may want to share your photos, or you can choose to do nothing and have the collage visible only to you.

Another feature of Storehouse are Spaces. Spaces are like folders: they allow you categorize and organize your collages. Spaces are great for sharing vacation photos, but friends and family must also be using the app to see the shared Space.

One downfall that users will notice right away is that there are no filters available. Storehouse isn’t really about editing your photos; its main purpose is to create photo collages. However, if demand grows for filters in the app, the developers may add them in the future.

Overall, Storehouse is a clean and fairly simple way to create photo collages to share with your family and friends. At the start, it can be slightly unintuitive to navigate, but after you begin to use it and become more familiar with the interface, it becomes a simple way to share memories.

Storehouse is available for free on iOS and Android devices.