Indie trio plays the Dirty Jersey

The Lunas, Echo Nebraska and the Fineprint hit Kamloops on their tour

An enthusiastic crowd was brought to the Dirty Jersey on Kamloops’ North Shore on Oct. 23, as three Canadian indie bands performed live, each on their own path to success. Although the performances were delayed by the nail-biting end to the Toronto vs. Kansas City baseball game, The Lunas, Echo Nebraska and the Fineprint wrangled the audience in for a spectacular show.

The show commenced with the ambitious orchestral sound and wonderfully crafted harmonies of Echo Nebraska. This band was blues rock meets folk meets country twang, and they delivered it with brilliant execution. Their use of various instruments such as the violin, saxophone and mandolin creates the ensemble effect and compliments their fascinating and storytelling lyrics. Lead vocalist Devan Christodoulou brings a unique style to the show. The diversity in his voice takes the audience to new places as we travel with him through happiness and hardships. This band is as good on stage as they are in the studio, with a rousing live performance that would be a shame to skip.

Echo Nebraska is easily the kind of band that sheds an optimistic light on the indie music scene. Aside from a faulty string broken with a passionate chord stroke, the band did not miss a note. Be sure to check out the band’s single “Hey, Allison” on their debut album “Send the Ships.”

Next up was a Vancouver-born band called The Lunas, composed of four core members. This band had strong instrumentals and captivating lyrics. Even though the Lunas are classified as indie-pop, they often confused their sound with techno and alternative rock elements. They were somewhat outshone by the other artists on stage, and they had a largely generic sound to most of their songs. Some songs were better than others, however their hipster vibe had many audience members out the door mid-song.

The Lunas ended with an epic original song that was just weird enough to work soundly with what could eventually turn into a developed and unique style. The guitar riffs and the use of the saxophone blew previously-set expectations out of the water. With some work, and less distraction, this band could be great.

The Fineprint concluded the evening with classic punk music brought to life with a passionate performance that was loud and energetic. Even with their missing bass player and technical difficulties, they were cheered on by the crowd. This band originated in Kamloops and offers a unique genre blend to the indie music crowd. They offered up four of their own originally-written songs and four covers that were performed with flair. The band’s personal inspirations were prominent in their music and worked coherently with their style. Although the band could use some polish, they gave an overall great performance with excellent stage presence.

The Fineprint is sure to become a favourite among punk and alternative rock music lovers, noticed for their distinct and all around robust sound.