Behind the scenes at TRU LipDub

TRU students and staff musically display their campus on the global stage


200 people participated in TRU’s LipDub. (Jim Elliot/The Omega)

Approximately 200 members of the TRU community showed up to broadcast what they love about TRU to the rest of the world. The assembled crowd danced, hula-hooped and performed acrobatics all while lip-synching along to “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors. The purpose of all this was to create a video for display on the internet that shows off the best of TRU campus life.

According to Tatiana Gilbert, the LipDub crew’s PR representative, 300 people registered to participate online, but only about 200 showed up, staggered throughout the day. In addition, 38 volunteers made up the lip dub’s production crew. The crew was led by director Suraj Shah, an international marketing ambassador for TRU World, and cameraman Japneet Singh.

“I got involved in March, but I know that Suraj, the director of all this, has had it planned for a year,” Glibert said on the process of organizing the lip dub.

Shah had ambitious goals for the event and was hoping 1,000 would turn out.


(Jim Elliot/The Omega)

When asked about her crew’s motivation for undertaking such a large and complicated project, Gilbert said “TRU and Kamloops is so diverse. We wanted to showcase our campus, showcase Kamloops and encourage people, not just from Canada, but from outside to come and make TRU their perfect school.”

Filming began at 11 a.m. but continued until after 3 p.m. due to the numerous takes required to perfect the long tracking shots.

“Now you guys get a taste of Hollywood, you get to do it all over again,” said community volunteer Shalen Curle following an on-camera mistake during the second scene. As filming dragged on, director Suraj Shah motivated his volunteers by telling them “everyone will see this, your children will see this!” over a loudspeaker.

Food for volunteers was provided by Domino’s Pizza and Dorian Greek House, and signs bearing both of their logos were presented for the cameras in the lip dub. Costumes for the stars of the lip dub, ranging from vampires to Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were donated by Value Village.

According to Gilbert, the project received funding from TRU World and TRUSU, but would not disclose how much.

The final video is expected to be completed by Nov. 20.