Heroes Pub survey a step to regaining student interest

Students can submit their feedback on the pub’s events, hours, atmosphere and purpose

An unofficial survey regarding student interest for Heroes Pub is a step towards “rebranding” the pub, according to third-year communications student, Nic Zdunich.

Zdunich created the survey so students could provide their opinion for the on-campus pub. “This is what the people are saying, this is what they want,” Zdunich said.

Nic Zdunich, third-year communications student and student liason for ancillary services at Heroes Pub. (Carli Berry/The Omega)

Nic Zdunich, third-year communications student and student liason for ancillary services at Heroes Pub. (Carli Berry/The Omega)

“I needed support to know that I’m not the only one complaining about things,” he said.

Zdunich was hired as a student liaison for Ancillary Services, which looks after the food services and bookstore at TRU, to determine what the student issues were with Heroes. His goal is to make the pub appealing for students and a place they want to be.

The survey contains 10 questions that vary from how many times students have visited the pub in the past year, to satisfaction with hours of operation.

As of Nov. 14, 173 students have taken part in the survey. Zdunich’s goal is to reach 200 students.

The largest cohort of respondents (33 per cent) said they visit Heroes just three to five times per year, but 22 per cent visit the pub on a weekly basis (either once per week or three to five times per week).

When asked why students chose Heroes: 60 per cent said they went for drinks with their friends, 50 per cent went for lunch, but only 33 per cent went for the nightlife.

Among the things students said they wanted in Heroes “ASAP” are more drink specials (78 per cent), more live music (48 per cent) and more live DJs (40 per cent).

Ancillary Services is also experimenting with the pub’s hours of operation. The survey showed that 47 per cent said the hours of operation were “Alright,” which falls between “Good” and “Brutal” on the survey’s scale.

“We would stay open until 11 every night if we had 30 to 40 people sustaining it,” he said.

The pub is looking at how to utilize specials, adding decorative elements, getting rid of security overhead charges, using social media to advertise and bringing in an in-house DJ to improve the atmosphere of Heroes.

”We’re trying to figure out the perfect way to have the pub accessible to students when they need it, when they want it … students just felt like there wasn’t love for them, and other establishments in town saw that and said ‘well, come here, we will offer you better service and give you more for less,’ and it was taking business off campus.” Zdunich said.

“Having a thriving on-campus pub is so important to the university experience. It’s a place you go to socialize with friends or have a drink or bite to eat with a professor,” Zdunich said.

“It’s really about ideas and creating community and we’re really trying to create that again.”