Album review: Goddess

Watch out, there’s a new songstress emerging on the music scene

Jillian Banks (Harvest Records)

Jillian Banks (Harvest Records)

Jillian Banks, better known by her stage name Banks, released her debut album “Goddess” on Sept. 5 under Harvest Records.

The 26-year-old’s new full-length LP does not skimp out on content. Containing 14 songs that amount in an hour’s worth of play time, “Goddess” is a genuine display of Banks’ raw talent. To commend her work even further, Banks co-wrote every song on the album.

While Banks’ music has been compared to that of Adele and Lana Del Rey, she has created a sound that one simply cannot compare to any other high-profile artists. She claims to draw her musical inspiration from the likes of Fiona Apple, an American jazz and soul artist, as well as the late R&B princess Aaliyah. It’s easy to tell these two influences came into play while producing the album.

Banks proves to be very flexible when it comes to the type of music she creates.

On one end of the spectrum, “This is What it Feels Like” is a mixture of R&B and chillstep with its heavy beats and sultry tune. Her voice emanates power and demands to be heard, even through the thick background sounds. The melody creates an aura that hangs like dense smoke in the air, sucking the listener in to the atmosphere she is trying to create.

“You Should Know Where I’m Coming From” showcases her wide vocal range and the softer side of her music. Rolling piano chords and pulsing drums accompany her soft-yet-strong voice. Even while belting out emotional lyrics, Banks still manages to keep the delicate mood of the song alive.

Essentially, Banks is a singing paradox.

Arguably her most well known song, “Waiting Game,” peaked at 99 on the United Kingdom charts when it was released as the first single in August 2013. With over three million views on YouTube, the breathy tune had its 15 minutes of fame in several nationwide Victoria’s Secret commercials. The publicity gained from the campaign greatly helped the song, and Banks herself, gain more exposure on the mainstream music scene.

Banks’ album “Goddess” provides the listener with a diverse experience of sounds and genres compiled into a single one-hour disc. With each succeeding track, “Goddess” brings forth an increasingly stimulating experience.