Film review: No Clue

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Nathan Weissbock, Contributor Ω

Image courtesy of Pacific All Risk Production Company and Sparrow Media.

Image courtesy of Pacific All Risk Production Company and Sparrow Media.

No Clue features Canadian actor Brent Butt, star of the hit-comedy series Corner Gas, as Leo Falloon, who accidentally stumbles into the position of a private eye for Kyra, a beautiful woman played by Amy Smart, to find her missing brother.

Although Leo is completely in over his head amidst murder, thieves and corporate takeovers, it is the new excitement in his otherwise boring life – the money and the dames – that keep pulling him back in.

Butt has a solid script with funny one-liners, sight gags and a good chunk of farce. With harmless jokes that are meant to be taken lightly, the film and its characters are likeable and suitable for audiences of all ages if they don’t mind the occasional profane word and mild sexuality.

The familiarity between Leo and his best friend Ernie, played by David Koechner, is a joy to watch specifically their offensive greetings to each other. Ernie provides a very funny supporting character for the film.

However, with all this comedic infusion, the hilarity doesn’t take away from the mystery or story-line.

Through the whole film, the audience should remain as puzzled as Leo, as he tries to figure out the kidnapping, and other mysteries that unfold as the plot goes on. The movie includes a handful of action and suspense that should keep the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Unfortunately, the ending of the film doesn’t maintain the great balance of comedy and mystery that engages the audience. Most action or mystery genres conclude with a memorable or breathtaking ending, but No Clue fails to deliver something special that people will remember.

While the ending is something I did not predict, it is not something I wanted to see either. The action at the end of the film was pretty weak, at best, and it seemed the villain made no effort to even fight off the good guys.

Any noir-style movie fan that enjoys comedy will surely enjoy this film. Brent Butt fans will also enjoy it, as he maintains a character similar to the one he played in Corner Gas.