What did students have to say about the Back-to-School BBQ?

The Omega was at Friday’s Back-to-School BBQ with a big bag of snazzy attire and a question for students:

What do you think is the biggest benefit of attending the Back-to-School BBQ?


“All of the draws and just seeing what’s around town.”

Avery Murray, fourth-year nursing student



“Free food! And I got to join a lot of cool clubs.”

Kyle Sentt, first-year bachelor of science student



“Seeing all the different types of things on campus and in Kamloops that you can do and be a part of.”

Nicole Petri, first-year bachelor of arts student



“Meeting new people and signing up for events.”

Amanda Chalifour, second-year respiratory therapy student



“Free food and learning what’s going on at TRU.”

Georgia Cool, second-year bachelor of business administration exchange student