Local rockers play for local rock fans

Brendan Kergin, Arts & Entertainment Editor Ω

Live music at Heroes on Wednesdays continued on Nov. 7 with locals, the Chris Brock Band. Brock, himself a resident in Kamloops for a decade, led the foursome of local lads (David Johnstone, Kelly Myre and Casey Kayczan) through a variety of covers and original material. While the crowd wasn’t large it was boisterous and spent the encore shouting out requests.

The set consisted of a flair for ’90s, an era filled with rock. While not all songs originated during that decade, many still carried that influence, including forays into Pink Floyd and Phil Collins. Bands that were popular post-grunge held the day, with covers of bands like Bush and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In amongst the covers were some of Brock’s original material, which fit well among the likes of Matthew Good and 3 Doors Down, though was typically more down tempo, though not to the point of ballad.

Brock and other locals can often be found Saturday nights at the Rock’n Firkin Pub & Grill as part of an open mike night with live musicians.