United Way’s annual campaign hits TRU

Devan C. Tasa, News Editor Ω

The local United Way fundraising campaign at TRU has seen professors get pies to the face – but it’s not over yet.

From Oct. 20 to Nov. 2, students will be able to support the Thompson Nicola Cariboo United Way’s campaign by buying a cup of soup at the Culinary Arts cafeteria and going to the basketball game against the University of Northern B.C. Timberwolves Nov. 2.

The campaign was launched Oct. 22. On Oct. 24, students could, for a fee, pay to shove a cream pie in the face of TRU professors and administration. On Oct. 25, students could talk to 13 local charities at a non-profit information fair in Old Main.

“The main purpose of the United Way, first off, is to fundraise for local non-profits,” said United Way resource development staffer Geralyn Beaton.

The United Way generally doesn’t provide front-line services. Instead, it distributes grants to organizations like the Kamloops Brain Injury Association and the Elizabeth Fry Society, which provides housing and legal support.

Last year, the United Way’s campaign at the university raised $57,000 from students, faculty and staff. Most of that came for voluntary payroll deductions, Beaton said.

“All of the money that is raised during the campaign, which was almost $2 million (for the Kamloops Area) last year, all that money stays in the community,” she said.

This year, the goal is $60,000. Beaton said she was pleased how the campaign has been doing so far. While students might not have a lot of money to donate, there are other ways to help the United Way.

“I think that, obviously, they may not be in the position right now to donate, but at the same time there’s a lot of ways to get involved,” she said. “Participation, no matter how that actually looks, is the thing we are pushing the most and we’d love for people to get involved whether it is through donating, through volunteering, or just through supporting the organizations that are in the community.”

One way to do just that can be found right on campus.

“We actually have a youth club on campus that really provides volunteer and leadership opportunities for students to get involved with.”

Those interested in donating or getting more involved can go to http://www.unitedwaytnc.ca or contact the youth club at youth@unitedwaytnc.ca.