Transcript recognition part of TRUSU recruitment effort

Devan C. Tasa, News Editor Ω

Being a student representative on one of the university’s committees isn’t known as a glamorous job, but TRUSU has managed to sweeten the deal.

Those volunteering on a committee will now be able to get an institutional governance co-curricular designation on their transcript. They’ll also be able to participate in leadership workshops held throughout the year.

“We want to make sure students want to be more involved in the university,” said Dustin McIntyre, TRUSU’s president, “and not only by doing that by being involved in the committees but giving them something more and by having these leadership workshops, students will be more engaged in their university.”

Participants will also receive a completion certificate signed by TRU’s president, TRUSU’s president and a dean.

The designation can be useful for students to have, McIntyre said.

“It’s something more that you have,” he said. “As well as your degree, you have another designation on your transcript.”

The designation could help a student with applying to grad school or prove to employees the student’s volunteer effort.

The designation is part of a TRUSU effort to recruit more student representatives on university committees.

This year, the student union received the power to appoint student representatives on committees from the university. Before, the institution was responsible for that task.

With this power, TRUSU is able to require student committee representatives to attend a “student caucus,” which allows the students to inform each other of their committee’s activities and co-ordinate to address university-wide issues.

Any TRU student is able to apply to be a member of the student caucus and a university committee.

“If you don’t want to be involved in a club, then this is a great way to get more involved in your university,” McIntyre said. “We’d love to have more people sign-up for this and populate all the committees.”

There are 27 positions available and students need to apply by the last week of September.

To get the designation, a student must go to all student caucus meetings, attend at least one meeting of the university’s senate and board of governors and attend one of the student union’s volunteer registry events. The student must also submit four assignments, which include a goal-planning exercise and a self-reflection paper.

The leadership workshops include sessions teaching the structure of the university, the budget process and the role of labour within the institution.

Those interested in student caucus and the designation can contact TRUSU’s campaigns co-ordinator Krystal Smith at